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Module type overrides

When deciding between CommonJS and native ECMAScript modules, ts-node defaults to matching vanilla node and tsc behavior. This means TypeScript files are transformed according to your tsconfig.json "module" option and executed according to node's rules for the package.json "type" field.

In some projects you may need to override this behavior for some files. For example, in a webpack project, you may have package.json configured with "type": "module" and tsconfig.json with "module": "esnext". However, webpack uses our CommonJS hook to execute your webpack.config.ts, so you need to force your webpack config and any supporting scripts to execute as CommonJS.

In these situations, our moduleTypes option lets you override certain files, forcing execution as CommonJS or ESM. Node supports similar overriding via .cjs and .mjs file extensions, but .ts files cannot use them. moduleTypes achieves the same effect, and also overrides your tsconfig.json "module" config appropriately.

The following example tells ts-node to execute a webpack config as CommonJS:

"ts-node": {
"transpileOnly": true,
"moduleTypes": {
"webpack.config.ts": "cjs",
// Globs are also supported with the same behavior as tsconfig "include"
"webpack-config-scripts/**/*": "cjs"
"compilerOptions": {
"module": "es2020",
"target": "es2020"

Each key is a glob pattern with the same syntax as tsconfig's "include" array. When multiple patterns match the same file, the last pattern takes precedence.

  • cjs overrides matches files to compile and execute as CommonJS.
  • esm overrides matches files to compile and execute as native ECMAScript modules.
  • package resets either of the above to default behavior, which obeys package.json "type" and tsconfig.json "module" options.


Files with an overridden module type are transformed with the same limitations as isolatedModules. This will only affect rare cases such as using const enums with preserveConstEnums disabled.

This feature is meant to facilitate scenarios where normal compilerOptions and package.json configuration is not possible. For example, a webpack.config.ts cannot be given its own package.json to override "type". Wherever possible you should favor using traditional package.json and tsconfig.json configurations.