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These tricks will make ts-node faster.

Skip typechecking

It is often better to typecheck as part of your tests or linting. You can use tsc --noEmit to do this. In these cases, ts-node can skip typechecking making it much faster.

To skip typechecking in ts-node, do one of the following:

  • Enable swc
    • This is by far the fastest option
  • Enable transpileOnly to skip typechecking without swc

With typechecking

If you absolutely must use ts-node for typechecking:

  • Avoid dynamic require() which may trigger repeated typechecking; prefer import
  • Try with and without --files; one may be faster depending on your project
  • Check tsc --showConfig; make sure all executed files are included
  • Enable skipLibCheck
  • Set a types array to avoid loading unnecessary @types